production of sparkling
non-alcoholic beverag
Štefan Kundrát - KARGO
Havaj 72, 090 23 Havaj, SLOVAKIA
tel.: +421 54 788 2340
+421 54 788 2341
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Company profile

Kargo company was established in 1994. Production of sparkling non-alcoholic beverages became our production programme. At the beginning they were filled into 0,33l and 1l returnable bottles.

It were the increasing market demands that directed our future development. The purchase of a modern automatic technological device launched a new milestone in the development of KARGO Company.

We acquired a significant share of the Prešov regional market and of a part of the Košice regional market, where we deliver about 3,500,000l of beverages p.a.. In 1999, we introduced products in non-returable packages.

Our mission is to put a quality and affordable product on the market. Quality is guaranteed already by the input components from renown foreign and domestic companies. At present, we employ 10 employees.

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